Apache beam

Beam SDKs are used to create data processing pipelines.


You need to first create a driver program.Your driver program defines your pipeline, including all of the inputs, transforms, and outputs; it also sets execution options for your pipeline. These include the Pipeline Runner, which determines what back-end your pipeline will run on.

The beam abstractions work with both batch and streaming data sources. Abstractions:


All Beam driver programs must create a Pipeline. When you create if the, you must also specify the execution options that tell the Pipeline where and how to run.


A PCollection represents a distributed data set that your Beam pipeline operates on


A PTransform represents a data processing operation, or a step, in your pipeline. Every PTransform takes one or more PCollection objects as input, performs a processing function that you provide on the elements of that PCollection, and produces zero ot more output PCollection objects.


The Go SDK has an explicit scope variable used to build a Pipeline. A Pipeline can return it’s root scope with the Root() method. The scope variable is passed to PTransform functions to place them in the Pipeline that owns the Scope.

I/O transforms

Typical Beam Driver Work Flow

Create a Pipeline

Create an initial PCollection

Either using the IOs (external storage) or using a Create transform to build a PCollection from in-memory data.

Apply PTransforms to each PCollection

A transform creates a new output PCollection without modifying the input collection. Think of PCollections as variables and PTransforms as functions applied to these variables: the shape of the pipeline can be an arbitrary complex processing graph.

Use IOs to write final PCollection to an external source

Run using the designated Pipeline Runner

The Pipeline Runner that you designate constructs a workflow graph. That graph is then executed using the appropriate distributed processing back-end, becoming an asynchronous “job” (or equivalent) on that back-end.

Configuring pipeline options

Setting PipelineOptions from command-line arguments

Use Go flags. Flags must be parsed before beam.Init() is called.

Creating custom options


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