Benchmarking kraft or Kafka Raft

To run Kafka cluster

  1. Download these two images from the docker hub.



  2. After running the first image, the docker container will have a folder called “/Kafka” open it

  3. you will find a folder with the Kafka raft program “cd” to it, “confluent-7.0.1.”

  4. while you are on this folder “confluent-7.0.1.”, follow this URL to start Kafka broker [1]:

    4.1  ./bin/kafka-storage format \
                     --config ./etc/kafka/kraft/ \
                     --cluster-id $(./bin/kafka-storage random-uuid)
     4.2 Store the cluster id somewhere because you are going to need it to join the second broker with this broker. 
     4.3 start the broker by running ./bin/kafka-server-start ./etc/kafka/kraft/
  5. Do the same steps to run the broker [2], but note that you will specify the same cluster-id to the second broker.

  6. To fetch the cluster id of your broker node, do this :

go run ./Admin.go localhost:9092 ----> it may take some time 
  1. Use The go client to produce/consume from the cluster.
  2. To change the kafka cluster settings: vim ./etc/kafka/kraft/
  3. OR you can use The admin API to change your cluster settings.
  • By the end of this, you will have two docker images running on two ports: 9092 and 9094, representing a Kafka cluster that contains two brokers.

  • The producer logic is consuming the Github JSON file provided by Franco.


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