BWOJ (Blackwind Online Judge) is simple online judge server.

How to run

  1. Install Go

Go is a modern language developed by Google, suitable for modern computer architecture (multi-core, I/O async…). AnchorVPN uses golang.

apt-get install golang-go
  1. Run

tmux is a widely used terminal multiplexer. For running AnchorVPN in the background, we need this terminal multiplexer. Other options for process background running is screen or adding & on the back site of command, but it is not my recommendation. You can install tmux by:

apt-get install tmux

Create a new session using:

tmux new -s <session name>

For example, <session name> = anchorvpn. Then type this:

chmod 755 ./

Detach tmux session by pressing ctrl + b then d. You’re done!

If you want to attach the background session:

tmux attach -t <session name>
  1. logging The logfile is vpn.log and the current client database is clients.db. The type of the database is BoltDB. If you have ccze then you can keep watching logs by this command:
watch -n 0.3 -c "cat vpn.log | last -20 | ccze -A"

RESTful API endpoint

GET /api/{:project_id}/{:question_id}

Post answer to question #{:id}

POST /api/{:project_id}/{:question_id}


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