Boilerplate API

Boilerplate API template includes all the common packages and setup used for API development in this Company.


  • Copy .env.example to .env and update according to requirement.
  • Create serviceAccountKey.json file for firebase admin sdk.
  • To run docker-compose up (with default configuration will run at 5000 and adminer runs at 5001)

Run Boilerplate CLI ?

  • Run docker-compose exec web sh
  • After running type ./__debug_bin cli you will start cli application.
  • Choose the commands to run afterwards.

Migration Commands ?

Command Desc
make migrate-up runs migration up command
make migrate-down runs migration down command
make force Set particular version but don’t run migration
make goto Migrate to particular version
make drop Drop everything inside database
make create Create new migration file(up & down)
make crud Create crud template

Implemented Feature

  • Dependency Injection (go-fx)
  • Routing (gin web framework)
  • Environment Files
  • Logging (file saving on production) zap
  • Middlewares (cors)
  • Middleware transaction
  • Database Setup (mysql)
  • Models Setup and Automigrate (gorm)
  • Repositories
  • Implementing Basic CRUD Operation
  • CRUD Scaffold Generator
  • Migration Runner Implementation
  • Live code refresh
  • Firebase basic setup.
  • GCP Cloud Storage bucket setup.
  • Twilio Basic setup.
  • Gmail Api Setup.

For Debugging ? Debugger runs at 5002. Vs code configuration is at .vscode/launch.json which will attach debugger to remote application.

For auto generate of CRUD(Create, ReaD, Update & Delete) api following informations are needed and will be asked in terminal:

  • resource-name: name of CRUD in upper camelCase. examples:Food,Puppy,ProductCategory etc.

  • resource-table-name: name of CRUD in lower snake case. examples:food,puppy,product_category etc.

  • plural-resource-table-name: plural name for the table going to be created. example: foods, puppies, product_categories.

  • plural-resource-name: plural name of CRUD in Upper camelCase. examples:Foods,Puppies,ProductCategories etc.


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