branch is a small CLI tool to automatically create git branches based on JIRA issues.


To install the command line tool, change to the directory of the folder and run the following command:

go install

The go install command places the executable into the $GOPATH/bin directory. The command will place generated executables into a sub-directory of $GOPATH named bin. So please make sure that this directory is in your $PATH environment variable.



To use the tool you first have to authenticate with Jira. You need the following to successfully setup the tool:

  • Email
  • Domain of your Jira
  • API Token (Learn more here)

Once you have gathered these inputs, you can run the following command:

branch login [email protected] -d=test -t=yourtoken

Create branch

To create a branch based on a Jira issue you can run the following command:

branch n -i=key

The i argument corresponds to the issue key. Please not that your working tree must be clean for the command to succeed, untracked files are ignored at the moment!


Example usage


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