Breakpoint cloning of very large git repositories by fetching tags one by one.


    	calculating the maximum build version (default true)
  -min-build int
    	filter minimum build version number
  -remote string
    	remote url (needed)
  -repo string
    	repository path
    	display matching tags, but do not clone to local repo
  -tags string
    	tags matching string

Use Cases

  1. display the final version of each master release and >= min-build
./git_clone_tags -remote -show-tags -min-build 200 -end-build
  1. Filter versions using matching expressions
./git_clone_tags -remote -show-tags -tags 100.0.*.*
  1. clone the filtered version
./git_clone_tags -remote  -tags 4.*.*.* -min-build 200 -repo chromium/src


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