Kaspa Stratum/GRPC bridge

This is an daemon that listens for incoming stratum connections from miners and does the translation between stratum events and the expected events from kaspad. This allows solo-mining kaspa with a local node (or on a public node) while mining with stratum-based miners such as lolminer.

2-3ms response time via stratum-ping using a local node and remote miner

Tested on x64 macos & ubuntu w/ lolminer

No fee, forever. Do what you want with it.

Huge shoutout to https://github.com/KaffinPX/KStratum for the inspiration


Manual build

Install go 1.18 using whatever package manager is approprate for your system

run cd cmd/kaspabridge;go build .

Modify the config file in ./cmd/bridge/config.yaml with your setup

    # stratum_port: the port that will be listening for incoming stratum traffic
    stratum_port: 8080
    # kaspad_address: address/port of the rpc server for kaspad, typically 16110
    kaspad_address: localhost:16110
    # miner_address: address to mine to
    miner_address: kaspa:{your_address_here}

run ./kaspabridge in the cmd/kaspabridge directory

all-in-one (build + run) cd cmd/kaspabridge/;go build .;./kaspabridge

Easy way (docker) — TODO


Modify the config file in ./cmd/bridge/config.yaml with your setup

run docker build .

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Tips appreciated: kaspa:qp9v6090sr8jjlkq7r3f4h9un5rtfhu3raknfg3cca9eapzee57jzew0kxwlp


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