brOSColi – simple OSC command executor

Broscoli is a simple executor of local commands, triggered by OSC messages. It can be used to run local scripts or other executables when a configured OSC messages is received.


$ go install

Compile from sources

$ go build -o broscoli ./cmd/broscoli/...


$ ./broscoli --help
Usage of ./broscoli:
  -config string
        Config file to parse (default "config.yaml")

OSC messages

Handlers are installed for all actions listed in the config file, prefixed by /action. Hence if there is an action /foo in the config file, clients can trigger it by sending an OSC messgage /action/foo.


Configuration is done through a YAML file:

port: 8765
address: # Set to if you only have local senders
    command: /bin/touch "/tmp/file with spaces"
    wait: true

    command: /bin/rm "/tmp/file with spaces"
    wait: true

The wait flag specifies whether the command is executed synchronously or asynchronously. When set to true, the server will block execution until the given command exits.




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