btwm is a simple, (kinda) tiling window manager. It’s meant to be as small as possible, do as little as possible and be as easy to understand as possible.

Using btwm

btwm opens each window full-screen and puts it on the top of your view-stack Each window is assigned the first free tag, so the first application you open is tagged 1, the next is tagged 2 and so forth. You can focus applications by using the FocusTagCommand (by default Super+[Tag])

btwm also provides Split Mode for times when you want to have more than one application visible on the screen. Split mode displays two applications next to each other, each taking 50% of the width of the screen. You can enter split mode by using the SplitOnTagCommand (by default Super+Shift+[Tag])

To browse other keybindings view /configuration/keybindings.go

Configuring keybindings

The keybindings can be found in /configuration/keybindings.go You can assign commands to specific key combinations using the wm.BindKey() function. The list of available commands can be found in /wm/commands.go


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