Caddy embedded file system

This Caddy plugin embeds your site directly into your web server’s binary.

NOTE: This plugin requires building Caddy from source on your own machine because you need to add your own content to the files directory before compiling. The go command is required and I recommend using xcaddy to build. You cannot download this plugin from the Caddy website, for example, and expect it to have your site embedded within it.


  1. Clone this repo: git clone && cd caddy-embed
  2. Replace the contents of the files subfolder with your site.
  3. Build Caddy with your locally-cloned copy of this plugin: xcaddy build --with

Now wherever your server goes, your site goes with it. Serve it up like this:

file_server {
	fs embedded

You can customize the //go:embed directive in the source before building if you want to choose other files or folders to embed. See the Go embed package docs.

Site root

Somewhat annoyingly, when you use //go:embed to add a folder, Go embeds the folder to the root of the virtual file system, without a way to configure Go to add its contents to the root. Because our directive is //go:embed files, that means all filenames have to be prefixed with files/. This is unintuitive as you would expect your site root, for example, to be at index.html, not files/index.html.

To counter this behavior, this module automatically “subs the FS” to trim that top-level folder prefix as long as the embedded directory is named files, and it is not moved or renamed by you.

I would recommend simply doing as the instructions say, and putting your content into the files folder. You can put multiple folders in there if you want more than one. But you are always welcome to do your own thing and change the go:embed directive, etc. If you do that, the automatic prefix stripping won’t work for you.

If you are using file_server and want to have the contents of a top-level folder be accessed from the root of the file system, and if you customize the //go:embed directive, you can still strip the root folder name like this:

file_server {
	fs embedded
	root myfolder

where myfolder is the name of the folder you added to the go:embed directive. This is only applicable if you are customizing the //go:embed directive and want to strip the top-level folder from the path.

In summary: For most people, this module will “just work” and you do not need to set or change the site root.


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