Caddy Proxy Manager – CPM


Much was copied from the original Nginx Proxy Manager and implemented for Caddy. The complete basic idea therefore goes back to the repo of jc21 and so the honor goes to him! So please have a look at his repo and his Nginx Proxy Manager too!


This project tries to implement the basic idea of the Nginx Proxy Manager for Caddy and thus provide a web interface for Caddy.

Currently the version is completely unstable and untidy.

Caddy is installed normally on the system and integrates further Caddyfiles via Caddyfile. So a hotreload and caddyfiles per host is possible.

Current features

  • Adding hosts with multiple domains/upstreams
  • Delete hosts

Planned features

  • Login with third-party Services like Authelia, Keycloak etc.
  • Editing hosts
  • Logview
  • Manage Plugins


Why don’t you use the API from Caddy itself?

The API of Caddy is not documented and quite complicated for a simple web interface. Many features like HSTS, HTTP/2, SSL etc. are already included in Caddy and don’t need to be specially configured.

How can I use CPM?

You have to compile CPM yourself. The frontend is based on ReactJS with Typescript, the compiled frontend must then be added under backend/assets. The backend is written in GoLang and can be easily compiled using go build cmd/main.go.


If you want to help with the development pull requests etc. are welcome!


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