Currency Conversion API

Case study that makes the currency conversion and money transfer between user wallets.

  • Create token with test credentials (Create Token)

  • Create different wallets by specifying the currency (Create Wallet)

  • Get 3 minutes valid offer with a currency against another currency (Create Quote)

  • Transfer your money between your wallets (Create Transfer)

  • Additional you can list your wallets and transactions (List Wallets), (List Transactions)

Build & Run

cd scriptsdocker-compose up -d

Push Images

cd scriptsdocker-compose push

Generate Mocks

cd services/{serviceName}go generate ./...


cd services/{serviceName}go clean -testcache go test -race -v ./...


cd services/{serviceName}godoc -http=:4444 .

Linter (golangci-lint)

cd services/{serviceName}golangci-lint run -v

Swagger UI



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