Project Document

The project is a lighter version of the chainlink integrations framework and is heavily inspired by its design and choice of libraries.

About the tests

  • Tests are fetching BTC/USD price feed data from a deployed smart contract at location 0xF570deEffF684D964dc3E15E1F9414283E3f7419 (address can be parameterized)
  • Using infura to connect to etherium mainnet
  • number of rounds, contract address, deviation percentage is parameterized tests
  • test obtains price feed data from parameterized number of rounds, calculates median and verifies if the deviation is range bound. Range defined by parameterized deviation percentage.
  • median calculation is happening off chain as the deployed contract did not expose any method to calculate median in place

Project Stack

  • Golang as programming language
  • Ginkgo and Gomega as test framework and assertions
  • zero log for logging
  • viper for config management
  • infura to connect to mainnet
  • solana 6.12 to generate go smart contract binding

Running Tests

  • All project dependencies are defined in go.mod file
  • Infura project key is added in the network yaml file
  • run ginkgo test
cd tests && ginkgo

The last round was fetched on Dec 8, 2021 and there is no feed data after that. The test is fetching the latest round id and working backwards to find previous data. Both round data and deviation percentage is parameterized.


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