CiCd pipeline to test monitoring efficiency

A story about the evolution of a simple app that just calculates hashes.

The evolution of the app hopefully outlines the value provided by recent innovations.

The focus will be done in the following order (or just feel free to view the git history):

  1. Simple CLI app calcuates hashes
  2. App is moved to a web interface so data can be entered via browser
  3. App is hosted on an external box making it available for others
  4. Version control is used, so I can keep track of what goes right and wrong with the app
  5. Testing is added (pre-development), so I don’t break things with new features
  6. Testing is automated, so I don’t waste time waiting for tests to finish
  7. App is deployed if tests are passed

Each step will be seperated by directory, with accompanying deployment manifests.


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