Claim, a simple instagram username sniper made in pure golang

This tool was made in go meaning you must have go installed on your operating system to be able to run this program, you can find tutorials online on how to install and configure go for your specific operating system.

The program checks if the selected username is available by directly accessing This link is the link used to check if the selected name is available when signing up regularly through instagram, we can directly access this endpoint and abuse it to check for names without signing up like a regular user would do.





You must edit the config.json with your config as well as the targets.txt file with your targets and the proxies.txt file with your proxies (if you are using proxies).


  • Proxies should be used with this tool if you do not want to get ratelimited.
  • If the program displays [ERROR], there is a high chance the proxy used was invalid.
  • Source by me, support by leaving a ⭐.


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