Clean Gin

Clean architecture template with gin framework, go-fx as dependency container, gorm as orm for database related operations.

To learn about project structure and dependency injection please go through here

Running the project

  • Make sure you have docker installed.
  • Copy .env.example to .env
  • Run docker-compose up -d
  • Go to localhost:5000 to verify if the server works.
  • Adminer Database Management runs at 5001 .

If you are running without docker be sure database configuration is provided in .env file and run go run . app:serve

Environment Variables

Variables Defined in the project
Key Value Desc
SERVER_PORT 5000 Port at which app runs
ENV development,production App running Environment
LOG_OUTPUT ./server.log Output Directory to save logs
LOG_LEVEL info Level for logging (check lib/logger.go:172)
DB_USER username Database Username
DB_PASS password Database Password
DB_HOST Database Host
DB_PORT 3306 Database Port
DB_NAME test Database Name
JWT_SECRET secret JWT Token Secret key
ADMINER_PORT 5001 Adminer DB Port
DEBUG_PORT 5002 Port that delve debugger runs in

Migration Commands

⚓️   Add argument p=host if you want to run the migration runner from the host environment instead of docker environment. Check #19 for more details. eg; make p=host migrate-up

Migration commands available
Command Desc
make migrate-up runs migration up command
make migrate-down runs migration down command
make force Set particular version but don’t run migration
make goto Migrate to particular version
make drop Drop everything inside database
make create Create new migration file(up & down)

Implemented Features

  • Dependency Injection (go-fx)
  • Routing (gin web framework)
  • Environment Files
  • Logging (file saving on production) zap
  • Middlewares (cors)
  • Database Setup (mysql)
  • Models Setup and Automigrate (gorm)
  • Repositories
  • Implementing Basic CRUD Operation
  • Authentication (JWT)
  • Migration Runner Implementation
  • Live code refresh
  • Dockerize Application with Debugging Support Enabled. Debugger runs at 5002. Vs code configuration is at .vscode/launch.json which will attach debugger to remote application. Learn More
  • Cobra Commander CLI Support. try: go run . --help


  • COBRA Commander CLI Support #26
  • Swagger documentation examples #25
  • Unit testing examples. #23
  • File upload middelware. #20
  • Use of Interfaces #10


Please open issues if you want the template to add some features that is not in todos. 🙇‍♂️

Create a PR with relevant information if you want to contribute in this template.


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