Clean Architecture using Golang with Gin framework

Template Structure

  • Gin is a web framework written in Go (Golang). It features a martini-like API with performance that is up to 40 times faster thanks to httprouter. If you need performance and good productivity, you will love Gin.
  • JWT A go (or ‘golang’ for search engine friendliness) implementation of JSON Web Tokens.
  • GORM with PostgresSQLThe fantastic ORM library for Golang aims to be developer friendly.
  • Wire is a code generation tool that automates connecting components using dependency injection.
  • Viper is a complete configuration solution for Go applications including 12-Factor apps. It is designed to work within an application, and can handle all types of configuration needs and formats.
  • swag converts Go annotations to Swagger Documentation 2.0 with gin-swagger and swaggo files

Using go-gin-clean-arch project

To use go-gin-clean-arch project, follow these steps:

# Navigate into the project
cd ./go-gin-clean-arch

# Install dependencies
make deps

# Generate wire_gen.go for dependency injection
# Please make sure you are export the env for GOPATH
make wire

# Run the project in Development Mode
make run

Additional commands:

➔ make help
build                          Compile the code, build Executable File
run                            Start application
test                           Run tests
test-coverage                  Run tests and generate coverage file
deps                           Install dependencies
deps-cleancache                Clear cache in Go module
wire                           Generate wire_gen.go
swag                           Generate swagger docs
help                           Display this help screen

Available Endpoint

In the project directory, you can call:


For getting status page

POST /login

For generating a JWT

GET /api/users

For getting all of users

GET /api/users/:id

For getting user by ID

POST /api/users

For creating new user

DELETE /api/users/:id

For removing existing user

PUT /api/users/:id

For updating existing user