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CleverGo is a lightweight, feature rich and trie based high performance HTTP request router.

go get -u



  • Full features of HTTP router.
  • High Performance: extremely fast, see Benchmark.
  • Gradual learning curve: you can learn the entire usages by going through the documentation in half an hour.
  • Reverse Route Generation: allow generating URLs by named route or matched route.
  • Route Group: as known as subrouter.
  • Friendly to APIs: it is easy to design RESTful APIs and versioning your APIs by route group.
  • Middleware: plug middleware in route group or particular route, supports global middleware as well. Compatible with most of third-party middleware.
  • Logger: a generic logger interface, supports zap and logrus. Logger can be used in middleware or handler.


Checkout example for details.


Contributions are welcome.

  • Star it and spread the package.
  • File an issue to ask questions, request features or report bugs.
  • Fork and make a pull request.
  • Improve documentations.