Command line client for STAN messaging.


Publishing message

Run following command in terminal, but with required STAN subject instead of some.subject

./stancli pub some.subject

after that type or paste your message body. Finally, to publish message hit Enter/Return and then Ctrl-D.

Subscribing subject

./stancli sub some.subject


To connect to Nats MQ, you need to specify the configuration. The configuration file contains the following structure in JSON format:

  "url": "nats://",
  "cluster_id": "test-cluster"

There is an example of a configuration file in the repository.

You can specify the path to the configuration file using the -config flag. For expample:

./stancli sub some.subject -config ./custom-config.json

By default, the path to the configuration file is ./config.json, so you can omit the flag if you use a file named config.json located next to the executable of stancli.


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