fwdctl is a simple and intuitive CLI to manage forwards in your Linux server.

How it works

It essentially provides commands to manage forwards, using iptables under the hood.

Let’s do an example:

Suppose you have an hypervisor server that hosts some virtual machines inside itself. If you need to expose an internal service, managed by one of these VMs, you can use fwdctl from the hypervisor to add the forward to expose this service.


To do so, you have to type this easy command:

sudo fwdctl create --destination-port 3000 --source-address --source-port 80

That’s it.


Linux x86_64

wget https://github.com/alegrey91/fwdctl/releases/download/v0.1.0/fwdctl_Linux_x86_64 -O fwdctl && chmod +x fwdctl && sudo mv fwdctl /usr/local/bin/


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