Command line client for the Nostr wiki.

Run in container, without installation

If you don’t have go installed or don’t like installing stuff just to quickly try it out, you can easily run this in a docker or podman container:

podman run --rm -it golang bash
mkdir -p /root/.config/nostr/
echo '{"relays": {"wss://nostr-pub.wellorder.net": {"read": true,"write": true}},"privatekey": "d2c8bb39f07285067b6d027b3f3a82a07febef57fd9a3c94ed5abde11e29804c"}' > /root/.config/nostr/config.json
apt update; apt install -y vim
go install github.com/fiatjaf/[email protected]
nwiki bitcoin


Compile with go install github.com/fiatjaf/[email protected] or download a binary.


First this requires a config file at ~/.config/nostr/config.json with private key and relays configured in it, such as the file that is created and managed by noscl.

Or you can edit it manually into something that looks like this:

  "relays": {
    "wss://expensive-relay.fiatjaf.com": {
      "read": true,
      "write": true
  "privatekey": "d2c8bb39f07285067b6d027b3f3a82a07febef57fd9a3c94ed5abde11e29804c"

The call it with nwiki '<article>' (in which <article> is the name of the article you want to read, create or edit).

You’ll be shown with all the article versions from people on your configured relays — if any. Pressing Enter will enter the edit screen, and exiting that will publish it (unless you save an empty file or an unchanged file).

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