It is a CLI that allows you to mock requests/responses between you and any server without any configuration or previous
knowledge about how it works. It works at the TCP level, in theory you can use it to mock any TCP connection.

Why Falso exists

I needed a tool to mock requests in my E2E tests, but I couldn’t find anything easy to use/configure or
that doesn’t require a lot of dependencies. I’m mainly using this with Detox for React Native and
Cypress for web.

How to download

Download the latest release and make it executable:

curl -sL https://github.com/sorinsi/falso/releases/latest/download/falso --output falso && chmod +x falso

You can also copy it to /usr/bin if you want to use falso instead of ./falso but this requires privileges,
you need to provide another path with --dataPath or it won’t work correctly:

sudo cp falso /usr/bin

Available args

  • --address CLI will listen at this address, default is localhost:8080
  • --remoteAddress remote server address to mock.
  • --mode there are 2 modes, proxy (records) and mock (serves saved data).
  • --dataPath custom path to save data in proxy mode, default is ./falsoData.
  • --bufferSize in case you need larger responses/requests, default is 65535 (64K).

How to proxy requests.

falso --address localhost:8080 --remoteAddress localhost:8000 --mode proxy

Now you can run your tests once, and it will automatically save everything.

How to mock requests

falso --address localhost:8080 --mode mock

You will be able to run your tests without connecting to the remote server.


Sorin C.


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