How to setup

  1. Clone this repository to your own local / server
git clone [email protected]:mhilmyh/jsonselect.git
  1. Build your binary from this repository

# this will ouput the jsonselect binary
go build
  1. Make the jsonselect binary available to your need

# move to /usr/local/ folder
mv ./jsonselect /usr/local/jsonselect

# or you can register it to your PATH variable
# every os / shell has their way, figure it your self :)
  1. Use the binary

How to use

jsonselect [option] [path]
* option:
  -f string
        json file
  -o string
        output file 
  -p bool
        pretty print
* path:
    path of json you want to select.
    please read more in the gjson repository 

Here are some examples:

jsonselect data.user_id < user.json

cat user.json | jsonselect data.user_id

jsonselect -f user.json -o user.out data.user_id

jsonselect -f user.json -o user.out -p=true data.user_id


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