Client Server with SQS and golang

Multi-threaded client-server demo with Go

What’s implemented
  • Multi-threaded server with multiple workers listening to message queue and spawning goroutines in parallel when commands are received. Workers count, polling intervals and other important things are configurable and have meaningful defaults
  • Single threaded client (no limitations on how many copies could be started in parallel)
  • Amazon SQS queue between server and clients
  • sync.Map to store all key-value pairs.
    It should suit the task better than standard map[string]interface{} wrapped with sync.RWMutex
  • Logging of debug/errors to the screen (stdout) and logging of all server actions to the specified log file
How to build?

On Linux run in terminal


You also might need to manually run go mod tidy to install project dependencies locally.

How to start?

You should have an AWS account and working SQS queue.
Please create .env from env.sample and type all needed credentials there.

Then make and start server:


You could check the server output with command like this:

tail -f server.log

How to use?

You could send commands with client app:

./client add {key} {value} – adds {key: value} pair to server memory

./client delete {key} – deletes key pair from server

./client get {key} – shows the key and corresponding value if it was set

./client all – shows all key-pairs stored to the server


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