Cloud-native build and release tools tailored to building, releasing and maintaining Linux distributions and forks


Other components pending

  • publisher – Composer for Peridot (currently only includes legacy mode)
  • peridot – Modern build system
  • secparse – Errata mirroring and publishing platform
    • ui – Product Errata UI
  • utils – Common utilities
  • modulemd – Modulemd parser in Go


Before the setup install jq, bazelisk, docker and kubectl. A local Kubernetes cluster is also required. Docker Desktop is a good solution.

Initial setup (will soon be replaced by one command dev cluster)

# In the directory where you downloaded istio
bin/istioctl install --set profile=default --set hub=docker.io/querycapistio --set tag=1.12.1 -y
# On aarch64 (ex. M1 Mac) only and add arm64 to list of preferred schedule archs
# Run this while install is running
kubectl -n istio-system edit deployment istio-ingressgateway
sudo hack/deploy_dev_registry
# Run `kubectl get svc` and add the port of postgres-postgresql to your rc file
# Example:
# postgres-postgresql          NodePort     <none>        5432:32442/TCP                  3m32s
# export POSTGRES_PORT="32442"
git clone https://github.com/temporalio/temporal /tmp/temporal && pushd /tmp/temporal && make temporal-sql-tool && popd && hack/setup_dev_temporal /tmp/temporal
# Sometimes the namespace registration may fail because
# Temporal tools CrashLooped before we could run the migrations.
# Run `kubectl delete pods -l "app.kubernetes.io/name=temporal"` and then re-run
# `kubectl exec -it services/temporal-admintools -- tctl --namespace default namespace re`
# For the cert, mkcert is recommended (mkcert.dev)
# Add default cert using `kubectl -n istio-system create secret tls default-cert --cert=cert.pem --key=cert.key`
# Create the Istio gateway
bazel run //infrastructure/istio-dev

Running ./hack/govendor should create the necessary structure for development

For best experience use IntelliJ+Bazel but govendor creates structure that is compatible with all other Go tools

Auto generate (only) BUILD files for Go

bazel run //:gazelle

Vendor Go dependencies


Run UI in development mode

ibazel run //TARGET:TARGET.server – example: ibazel run //secparse/ui:secparse.server

Find UI server targets

bazel query 'attr(tags, "byc_frontend_server", //...)'


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