Cloud-native distributed commit-log service


  • Commit-log library package providing core functionality
  • Client-Server communication over gRPC (ProtoBuf binary payloads)
  • Authentication w/ mTLS and self-operated CA w/ CloudFlare CFSSL toolkit
  • Authorization thru simple ACL implementation w/ casbin
  • Instrumented for observability (Metrics/Tracing w/ OpenCensus; Logging w/ Zap
  • Compatible w/ Prometheus, Jaegar, Elasticsearch for Production deployment

In Development

  • Server2Server Service Discovery w/ HashiCorp Serf
  • Service clustering w/ consensus backed by Raft algorithm provided by HashiCorp Raft library
  • Client-side discovery and load-balancing (Preferable to proxy-based LB for higher perf communication between trusted internal-services)
  • k8s-ready deployment Helm charts and Custom Controller logic w/ MetaController
  • Operator-based deployment to k8s

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