EduVPN shared library

This repository contains a Go library with functions that all EduVPN clients can use. The goal is to let EduVPN clients
link against this library and gradually merge more common logic between EduVPN clients into this repository.

cgo is used to build the go library into a shared dynamic library. Wrappers will be written using some FFI framework for
each language used in EduVPN clients to easily interface with the library.


Currently, only verification of signatures on files from is supported. For now, these files have to
be downloaded by the caller.

Build & test

Build shared library for current platform:


Build shared library for specified OS & architecture (example):

make OS=windows ARCH=386

Results will be output in exports/.

Test Go code:

make test-go

Test wrappers:

make test-wrappers

Take a look at wrappers/<lang>/ for descriptions per wrapper.


  • verify.go: main API
  • verify_test.go and test_data/: tests for API
  • exports/: C API interface
  • wrappers/: Wrappers per language, currently only C#


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