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Coder creates remote development machines so your team can develop from anywhere.

Manage less

  • Ensure your entire team is using the same tools and resources
    • Rollout critical updates to your developers with one command
  • Automatically shut down expensive cloud resources
  • Keep your source code and data behind your firewall

Code more

  • Build and test faster
    • Leveraging cloud CPUs, RAM, network speeds, etc.
  • Access your environment from any place on any client (even an iPad)
  • Onboard instantly then stay up to date continuously

Getting Started

Note: Coder is in a beta state. Report issues here.

The easiest way to install Coder is to use our install script for Linux and macOS.

To install, run:

curl -L | sh

You can preview what occurs during the install process:

curl -L | sh -s -- --dry-run

You can modify the installation process by including flags. Run the help command for reference:

curl -L | sh -s -- --help

See install for additional methods.

Once installed, you can start a production deployment1 with a single command:

# Automatically sets up an external access URL on *
coder server

# Requires a PostgreSQL instance and external access URL
coder server --postgres-url <url> --access-url <url>

1 The embedded database is great for trying out Coder with small deployments, but do consider using an external database for increased assurance and control.

Use coder --help to get a complete list of flags and environment variables. Use our quickstart guide for a full walkthrough.


Visit our docs here.


Please file an issue if any information is out of date. Also refer to: What Coder is not.

Tool Type Delivery Model Cost Environments
Coder Platform OSS + Self-Managed Pay your cloud All Terraform resources, all clouds, multi-architecture: Linux, Mac, Windows, containers, VMs, amd64, arm64
code-server Web IDE OSS + Self-Managed Pay your cloud Linux, Mac, Windows, containers, VMs, amd64, arm64
Coder (Classic) Platform Self-Managed Pay your cloud + license fees Kubernetes Linux Containers
GitHub Codespaces Platform SaaS 2x Azure Compute Linux containers

Community and Support

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Suggest improvements and report problems


If you’re using Coder in your organization, please try to add your company name to the It really helps the project to gain momentum and credibility. It’s a small contribution back to the project with a big impact.

Read the contributing docs.

Find our list of contributors here.


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