Codewars Solution Scraper

Currently the codewars api provides the completed katas, but not the actual solution code you wrote to complete it.

This go program will scrape all your codewars solutions and output them in json file.

The schema of a single kata is

	"Kyu":			"string",
	"KataLink":		"string",
	"KataTitle":		"string",
	"LanguagesSolved":	["string"],
	"Solutions":		["string"]

How to Run

  1. Clone the repo

  2. In config.yaml

    • Specify codewars username
    • Specify session_id cookie
    • Specify number of pages to scrape
  3. Run go run codewars_scraper.go

Work to be done

  • Merge output of all codewars solution pages and save to a single json

  • Try to link language with the solution, something like:

	"Kyu":		"string",
	"KataLink":	"string",
	"KataTitle":	"string",
	"KataSolution":	[{
				"Language": "string",
				"Solutions": ["string"]


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