What Is This?

This is my submission for the Jumia recruitment assessment to build a single page application that serves content from a provided database.

How To Run


  • go 1.16+
  • docker
  • docker-compose

Things To Note

  • This assessment uses the newer version of docker compose to execute docker related tasks
  • The backend listens on localhost:9942/phone-numbers
  • The frontend listens on localhost:9943

Run With Makefile (Recommended)

  • Run Tests
$ make test

This runs all the tests in packages with coverage.

  • Run The Project Without Building
$ make run

This is the default target if no argument is provided to make.

  • Run the project using docker (Recommended)
$ make docker

This approach uses docker-compose to bring up the frontend and backend in different containers respectively.

  • Clean up created docker images pertaining to this assessment
$ make clean

Run With docker-compose

  • Running the project
$ docker compose up

This will be build the necessary images on first run and bring up the reequired services

  • Clean Up
$ docker compose down && docker image rm -f jumia_assessment

Running Manually With Go

  • Startup

cd backend && go build . && ./assessment &
cd ../frontend && go build && ./frontend
  • Clean Up

ctrl + c
killall assessment

This interrupts execution of the frontend service and kills the assessment process


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