Fetch and emit github stats as prometheus metrics.


The Git stats exporter is a Kubernetes controller that fetches Github statistics like open pull requests, issues, stars, etc. and emits them as prometheus metrics to build nice dashboards.

Getting Started

You’ll need a Kubernetes cluster to run against. You can use KIND to get a local cluster for testing, or run against a remote cluster. Note: Your controller will automatically use the current context in your kubeconfig file (i.e. whatever cluster kubectl cluster-info shows).


$ kubectl get repo aws-ec2-instance-selector -o yaml
kind: Repo
  name: aws-ec2-instance-selector
  owner: aws
  name: amazon-ec2-instance-selector
  ghTokenSecretRef: gh-token
  lastQuery: "2022-08-07T17:34:45Z"
  state: Synchronized

$ curl git-stats-exporter:8080/metrics
# HELP gh_repo_forks Number of forks
# TYPE gh_repo_forks gauge
gh_repo_forks{owner="aws",repo="amazon-ec2-instance-selector"} 67
# HELP gh_repo_open_issues Number of open issues
# TYPE gh_repo_open_issues gauge
gh_repo_open_issues{owner="aws",repo="amazon-ec2-instance-selector"} 11
# HELP gh_repo_open_pull_requests Number of open pull requests
# TYPE gh_repo_open_pull_requests gauge
gh_repo_open_pull_requests{owner="aws",repo="amazon-ec2-instance-selector"} 1
# HELP gh_repo_stars Number of stars
# TYPE gh_repo_stars gauge
gh_repo_stars{owner="aws",repo="amazon-ec2-instance-selector"} 406
# HELP gh_repo_subscribers Number of subscribers
# TYPE gh_repo_subscribers gauge
gh_repo_subscribers{owner="aws",repo="amazon-ec2-instance-selector"} 11

Running on the cluster

  1. Setup a Github Token as a K8s Secret (optional)

The github API has a fairly low API request limit, so setting up a github token can be useful if you are monitoring more than on repository.

echo -n "<gh-token>" > /tmp/gh-token
kubectl create secret generic gh-token --from-file /tmp/gh-token
  1. Install Sample Repos (or create your own):
kubectl apply -f config/samples/
  1. Build and push your image to the location specified by IMG:
make docker-build docker-push IMG=<some-registry>/git-stats-exporter:tag
  1. Deploy the controller to the cluster with the image specified by IMG:
make deploy IMG=<some-registry>/git-stats-exporter:tag

Uninstall CRDs

To delete the CRDs from the cluster:

make uninstall

Undeploy controller

UnDeploy the controller to the cluster:

make undeploy

How it works

Create Repo resources that point to your Github repositories and collect the metrics with prometheus.

Test It Out

  1. Install the CRDs into the cluster:
make install
  1. Run your controller (this will run in the foreground, so switch to a new terminal if you want to leave it running):
make run

NOTE: You can also run this in one step by running: make install run

Modifying the API definitions

If you are editing the API definitions, generate the manifests such as CRs or CRDs using:

make manifests

NOTE: Run make --help for more information on all potential make targets

More information can be found via the Kubebuilder Documentation


Copyright 2022.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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