Simple chat communication app over TCP, wrriten in Golang.

How does it work?

Each client starts a TCP server, in a port that is defined by the second command-line argument (os.Args[1]). It waits for data to be sent, then parses it and it outputs to the Stdout. To send a message, there is a simple TCP client that sends the data to the TCP server and closes the connection.

How to test it?

Run two client instances locally. Open two terminals, and run;

# terminal 1
$> go run client.go 1000 # where 1000 is the port number

# terminal 2
$> go run client.go 1001 # wheere 1001 is the port number

Then it would ask you in each terminal to whom to connect to, in terminal one write localhost:1001 and in terminal two write localhost:1000

Type your message and press enter to send it, you should now see it in the other terminal.


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