Emergency Barcode Generator

Command line tool for generating emergency files from a template file.

Run from terminal or command window.

usage: ./emergencybarcode

Program for generating emergencies formatted for pressure seal forms 
for Arizona Treasure Hunt
Written by: Andy Woodward - TH Committee 2019-2022
Email: [email protected]

  -carCount int
    	Number of cars (default 100)
  -file string
    	Destination file for single emergency file (default "emergencies.pdf")
    	Disable printing of barcodes
    	Disable printing of security hashing
  -pages int
    	Number of pages in template (default 52)
    	Combine all into one file
  -startingEmergency int
    	First emergency in the sequence (default 1)
  -template string
    	Emergency template file (default "template.pdf")


./emergencybarcode -carCount 95 -pages 52 -template “template file.pdf”

Generates individual emergency files for each car from a 52-page template file named “template file.pdf.”

./emergencybarcode -carCount 95 -pages 2 -template “template file.pdf” -singleFile -startingEmergency 5

Generates a single emergency file from a 2-page template file named “template file.pdf” starting at emergency number 5. This is used to reprint an emergency if there are corrections.


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