Match JSON input by specifying key and value

> json-match -json '{\"person\":{\"id\":1755, \"name\":\"alexander\", \"family\":{\"spouse\": \"eliza\"}}}' -key user.family.spouse -value eliza
? match

> json-match -json '{\"person\":{\"id\":1755, \"name\":\"alexander\", \"family\":{\"spouse\": \"eliza\"}}}' -key user.family.spouse -value angelica
? no match

> json-match -json '{\"user\":{\"id\":1755,\"name\":\"alexander\",\"family\":{\"spouse\":\"eliza\",\"children\":[{\"id\":1782,\"name\":\"philip\"},{\"id\":1784,\"name\":\"angelica\"},{\"id\":1786,\"name\":\"alexander\"}]}}}' -key user.family.children.id -value 1782
? match

> json-match -help
Usage of json-match:
        Set if the filter should match on blank values
        Set if the filter should match on null values
  -json string
        JSON input string
  -key string
        Key to filter on. Format: node.subnode.subsubnode
        Print json to output if match is found.
  -value string
        Key should match this value to be filtered to output.
        Use '-blankVal' if matching on empty string values.


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