A common interface wrapping existing logging frameworks. Support currently exists for

  • Zerolog
  • Noop (useful for testing)

Using golog

You get a golog.Interface instance by invoking golog.NewLogger, providing a Config instance

package main

import "github.com/wgentry22/golog"

func main() {
  config := golog.Config{
    Level:    "debug",
    Outputs:  []string{"stdout", "path/to/my.log"},
    Metadata: map[string]interface{}{
      "service": "example",
  // Includes `service=example` on every log
  logger := golog.NewLogger(config)

  // Includes `service=example port=1234 env=qa` on every log
  subLogger := logger.NewWithFields("port", 1234, "env", "qa")

Plays nicely with config

You can also provide a config.Interface instance to orchestrate creation of your golog.Interface

package main

import (

func main() {
  options := []config.Option{config.Name("myConfigFile"), config.Paths("path/to/my/config/")}
  conf := config.MustInit(options...)
  logger := golog.NewLoggerFromConfig(conf)


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