Common go lang utilitiy code

Json utils:

type JsonHandler_Interface interface {
	ConvertStringToMap(s string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	ConvertMapToString(m map[string]interface{}) (string, error)
	ConvertStringToStruct(s string) (*Employee, error)
	ConvertStructToString(e *Employee) (string, error)
	ConvertStringToByte(s string) []byte
	ConvertByteToString([]byte) (string, error)
	ConvertByteToStruct(jsonBytes []byte) (*Employee, error)
	ConvertStructToByte(emp *Employee) (jsonBytes []byte, err error)

How to use:

Look at DisplayAllJsonHandlers() to know how to use other functions exposed by JsonHandler_Interface interface. If you want to call all of these functions, simply call DisplayAllJsonHandlers()

jsonHandler := json_utils.JsonHandler{}

HTTP utils:

A simple HTTP client-server communication but with retry in place. HTTP Server deliberately returns HTTP 500 (internal server error) for first 3 HTTP request, to “mock” some internal server errors. HTTP Client continues to retry HTTP request (with 5 maximum number of retries attempt) until it gets 200 OK response. Retry config

const (
	retryCount              = 5
	retryMinWaitTimeSeconds = 5
	retryMaxWaitTimeSeconds = 15


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