Composer is a simple service manager for dev environments.

How to build/install it?

To build composer under ./bin, run:

make build

To build and install composer in the system (under /usr/local/bin), run:

sudo make install

How to configure?

With a compose.yml file:

# version of the config file syntax
version: 1

# define global environment variables accessible by all services
# Following variables are always present:
# $HOME - points to user's home directory
# $PATH - contains colon-delimited paths where executables can be found
# $PWD - project's working directory (where the compose.yml is located)
  - KEY1: value1
  - KEY2: ${OSVAL} # ${OSVAL} allows referencing composer's own environment

    # define environment variables to be used by the service 
      - KEY1: value1
      - KEY2: ${OSVAL} # ${OSVAL} allows referencing composer's own environment

    # depends_on defines service dependencies.
    # All dependencies will be started and ready before this service's command is executed.
      - service2

    # command to be executed to run the service (it's possible to use defined environmental variables)
    command: go run main.go ${KEY1}

    # ready_on defines a text which is expected on stdout/stderr when the service is ready.
    # When ready_on is not provided, service is considered ready immediately after executing its command.
    ready_on: "I'm ready"

    # workdir defines a working directory (absolute or relative to current working directory)
    # where the command will be executed.
    workdir: src/
    command: echo I'm ready

How to run it?

With a composer binary:

composer SERVICE

It’s possible to define multiple config files with different names, so to use a non-default (composer.yml) file, one
must define an environmental variable COMPOSER_FILE, i.e.:

COMPOSER_FILE=custom-composer.yml composer SERVICE


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