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Compositional widgets for terminal user interfaces written in Go

Compositional widgets for terminal user interfaces written in Go

Terminal User Interface Widgets in Go

Gowid provides widgets and a framework for making terminal user interfaces. It's written in Go and inspired by urwid.

  • input components like button, checkbox and an editable text field with support for passwords
  • layout components for arranging widgets in columns, rows and a grid
  • structured components - a tree, an infinite list and a table
  • pre-canned widgets - a progress bar, a modal dialog, a bar graph and a menu
  • a VT220-compatible terminal widget, heavily cribbed from urwid :smiley:

All widgets support interaction with the mouse when the terminal allows.

Gowid is built on top of the fantastic tcell package.

There are many alternatives to gowid - see Similar Projects

The most developed gowid application is currently termshark, a terminal UI for tshark.


go get github.com/gcla/gowid/...


Make sure $GOPATH/bin is in your PATH (or ~/go/bin if GOPATH isn't set), then tab complete "gowid-" e.g.


Here is a port of urwid's palette example:

Here is urwid's graph example:

And urwid's fibonacci example:

A demonstration of gowid's terminal widget, a port of urwid's terminal widget:

Finally, here is an animation of termshark in action:

Hello World

This example is an attempt to mimic urwid's "Hello World" example.

package main

import (


func main() {

	palette := gowid.Palette{
		"banner":  gowid.MakePaletteEntry(gowid.ColorWhite, gowid.MakeRGBColor("#60d")),
		"streak":  gowid.MakePaletteEntry(gowid.ColorNone, gowid.MakeRGBColor("#60a")),
		"inside":  gowid.MakePaletteEntry(gowid.ColorNone, gowid.MakeRGBColor("#808")),
		"outside": gowid.MakePaletteEntry(gowid.ColorNone, gowid.MakeRGBColor("#a06")),
		"bg":      gowid.MakePaletteEntry(gowid.ColorNone, gowid.MakeRGBColor("#d06")),

	div := divider.NewBlank()
	outside := styled.New(div, gowid.MakePaletteRef("outside"))
	inside := styled.New(div, gowid.MakePaletteRef("inside"))

	helloworld := styled.New(
				text.StyledContent("Hello World", gowid.MakePaletteRef("banner")),
				Align: gowid.HAlignMiddle{},

	f := gowid.RenderFlow{}

	view := styled.New(
				&gowid.ContainerWidget{IWidget: outside, D: f},
				&gowid.ContainerWidget{IWidget: inside, D: f},
				&gowid.ContainerWidget{IWidget: helloworld, D: f},
				&gowid.ContainerWidget{IWidget: inside, D: f},
				&gowid.ContainerWidget{IWidget: outside, D: f},

	app, _ := gowid.NewApp(gowid.AppArgs{
		View:    view,
		Palette: &palette,

Running the example above displays this: