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Mirage is a software that helps Odysee distribute static content on its platform. The following features are covered:

  1. images retrieval from any origin specified
  2. images optimization needed for web distribution
  3. images caching via OdyseeTeam/gody-cdn


to be updated


To be updated

Building from Source

This project requires Go v1.17.

On Ubuntu you can install it with sudo snap install go --classic.

if you want a specific version of go, you can always do sudo snap refresh go --channel=1.17/stable for example.

git clone [email protected]:OdyseeTeam/mirage.git
cd mirage

You may choose different targets:

  • make test: run go tests
  • make lint: run linters
  • make linux: build linux binary
  • make macos: build mac os binary
  • make image: build docker image
  • make publish_image: push docker image to docker hub
  • make retag: move previous tag to current commit


Feel free to open a pull request or an issue anytime you like!


This project is MIT licensed.


We take security seriously. Please contact [email protected] regarding any security issues.


The primary contact for this project is @Nikooo777 (niko-at-odysee.com)


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