Conditional is go/golang replacement for ternary and nil coalescing and optional chaining operators.


For ternary just call conditional.Ternary with the values you want to return:

val := conditional.Ternary(true, "true", "false")
// val == "true"

For nil coalescing just call conditional.NilCoalescing with the value as default you want to return:

var val1 *string
val2 := "val2"
val := *conditional.NilCoalescing(val1, &val2)
// val == "val2"

For optional chaining just call conditional.OptionalChaining with the value and a function with access to a property:

var st *struct {
    val2 string
val := conditional.OptionalChaining(st, func() *string {
    return &st.val2
// val == nil


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