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Currently, there are two main ways to create a remote Docker Engine client through golang:

  1. Docker Engine opens the remote connection port, and then creates a docker client through client.NewClientWithOpts(client.WithHost("tcp://ip:port")).
  2. Do ssh password-free on the machine where this node and docker are located, and then create it in the following ways

helper, _ := connhelper.GetConnectionHelper("ssh://name@ip:port")
   httpClient := &http.Client{
   Transport: &http.Transport{
     DialContext: helper.Dialer,

Both of the above methods are not very secure. In many cases, the port 2375 will not be opened in the environment, and it is very insecure to do ssh password-free. In order to solve the above problems, this library can create a docker client through ssh client, whether it is a ssh client created by means of account password or password-free. There is no need to modify the configuration to open port 2375, which is more flexible.


go get


package main

import (

func NewClientBySSHClient(cli *ssh.Client) (*client.Client, error) {
    helper := sshconnhelper.GetConnectionHelperBySshClient(cli)
    return client.NewClientWithOpts(


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