This project contains our OID definitions. We use IANA’s prefix and our PEN for our OIDs.

How to use

If you want to contribute to this repository make sure to set up our githooks:

git config core.hooksPath .githooks

Make sure to always git tag your code changes. We use semantic versioning.


The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL
      "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in
RFC 2119.


  • Root OID:
    • This is the IANA prefix + UMH root OID
    • This OID must not be used on its own
  • Intermediate OID
    • An OID, exactly one level below the Root OID
  • Sub OID:
    • An OID, any level below an Intermediate OID


  1. Intermediate OID must be increments of 100, for easier reading
  2. There must only be one Intermediate OID per application.
  3. If there is a need for multiple Intermediate OID per application, an application may have one or multiple sub-OID
  4. Intermediate OID must not be deleted
  5. Sub OID should not be deleted or modified, except for mayor version upgrades, of the application.
    1. Any such deletion or modification must are shown within the commit history
  6. Registrations and marking of modifications & deletions to the Development Intermediate OID Sub OID are optional
  7. All OIDs must, except for the development OID, be implemented in this repository.
  8. OIDs without sub-OID must be implemented as a single file or as a directory, with the name of the OID as prefix.
  9. OIDs with sub-OID must be implemented as a directory, with the name of the OID as prefix.


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