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gitty is a smart little CLI helper for git projects, that shows you all the relevant issues, pull requests and changes at a quick glance. It currently only supports the GitHub API, but I’d eventually like it to become a bit more agnostic.






  • Binaries for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, Windows

From source

Make sure you have a working Go environment (Go 1.12 or higher is required). See the install instructions.

Compiling gitty is easy, simply run:

git clone
cd gitty
go build


Note: In order to access GitHub’s API, gitty requires you to provide a valid GitHub token in an environment variable called either GITHUB_TOKEN or GITTY_TOKEN. You can create a new token in your profile settings:

Developer settings > Personal access tokens > Generate new token

Make sure to enable the repo:status, public_repo, read:user, and read:org permissions in particular.

Basic usage

You can start gitty with either a path or a GitHub URL as an argument. If no argument was provided, gitty will operate on the current working directory.

gitty /some/repo



The following flags are supported:

  -max-branch-age int
        Max age of a branch in days to be considered active (default 28)
  -max-branches int
        Max amount of active branches to show (default 10)
  -max-commits int
        Max amount of commits to show (default 10)
  -max-issues int
        Max amount of issues to show (default 10)
  -max-pull-requests int
        Max amount of pull requests to show (default 10)

Open issue or pull request in browser

If you launch gitty with the ID of an issue or pull request, it will open the issue or pull request in your browser:

gitty /some/repo 42