ESPhome -> HomeKit Bridge

This library allows esphome device to be published and controlled over HomeKit.

It required a small Linux server with local connection to esphome device. I’m using Raspberry Pi 3, but also older versions should work without any problem. One instance consumes about 15 MB of RAM. For every device, you have to run a separate instance that will publish a new HomeKit device.

Fast Lane

  • compile library for your architecture
  • copy esphome-homekit executable on your server
  • create config.yaml in the same directory – here is one example:
name: mylightaddress: myESPHomeAPIPasswordhomekit:  pin: "13062022"  storage_dir: ./.homekit
  • run esphome-homekit binary from the same directory

Application will create a new subdirectory and store HomeKit information there (private key, connections, etc…).

What is supported?

This bridge is still in development phase and not all esphome features/types are not supported. Currently, supported types are:

  • Switch – will create HomeKit switch (simple On/Off)
  • Binary Sensor – will create Programmable Switch in HomeKit (single press will be mapped as On, double press as off). Using this, you can configure HomeKit devices to react on Binary Sensor from esphome
  • Fan – will create Fan in HomeKit but only with On/Off support
  • Light – will create Lightbulb in HomeKit. Only Brightness and On/Off is mapped
  • Sensor with device class of temperature and humidity – will create Temperature or Humidity sensor in HomeKit

Will Always be created single accessory with multiple HomeKit services.

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Any kind of contributions/ideas are welcome.


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