audacity is a very powerful audio editing tool.


You can export a timeline or LRC text via a Nyquist plugin. Add the label plugin into your Audacity with the following steps:

Attention: Nyquist does not support unicode characters. For example: Chinese characters.

  • Open Tools -> Nyquist Plug-in Installer
  • Choose label.ny, then confirm
  • Open Add/Remove Plug-ins
  • Find your plug-in from the new state, then enable it

How to use it?

  • Open or create an Audacity project
  • Add a label track from the menu Edit -> Labels, then add some text labels
  • Select all tracks
  • Export it from the menu Tools -> Label export

Convert more formats

The label command be able to convert more formats from the Audacity label text file.

Let us export the label text file first:

  • Open menu File -> Export -> Export Labels

then, execute the following command:

label your-label.txt


  • Convert to Markdown
  • Convert to LRC (TODO)


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