• Convert Spotify playlists to Tidal playlists
  • Archive Spotify and Tidal playlists in JSON format
  • More coming soon


  1. Grab a copy of the docker-compose.yml and run it for the first time docker compose up.
  2. The container will provide a tidal oauth URL. Follow that and grant access to the application.
    1. Once authenticaed with Tidal the container will error due to missing Spotify credentials.
  3. Create a Spotify Application and fill in the spotify section in the config file.
  4. In the /data folder create a file named playlists.json in the /data/playlists folder and enter Spotify playlists in the following format

  "playlists": [
  1. Bring the container up again and it should start converting the Spotify playlists to Tidal playlists.


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