This repository helps to work with struct, convert map and get information about that.

This is a modified version of common struct to map libraries with cool features.

Supported tags: -, omitempty, string, ptr2, omitnested, flatten.

Convertion order is -, omitempty, string, ptr2, custom hook function, hooker interface, omitnested + flatten


go get

Get decoder and run Map method.

type ColorGroup struct {
    ID     int      `db:"id"`
    Name   string   `db:"name"`
    Colors []string `db:"colors"`
    // custom type with implemented Hooker interface
    // covertion result to time.Time
    Date types.Time `db:"time"`
    // unkown type but to untouch it add omitnested to keep that struct type
    RGB *null.String `db:rgb,omitempty,omitnested`

decoder := struct2.Decoder{
    TagName: "db",

// get map[string]interface{}
result := decoder.Map(group)

Custom decoder can be use in struct witch have struct2.Hooker interface. Or set a slice of custom struct2.HookFunc functions in decoder.

Check documentation examples.

Tags Information

omitnested: very helpful to don’t want to touch data.

ptr2: convert pointer to the concrete value, if pointer is nil new value generating. ptr2 to effect custom hook functions and hooker interface also omitnested.

Inspired Projects

fatih/structs mitchellh/mapstructure


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