A command line tool to copy text to the system clipboard from anywhere using the ANSI OSC52 sequence.

When this sequence is printed, the terminal will copy the given text into the system clipboard. This is totally location independent, users can copy from anywhere including from remote SSH sessions.

OSC52 is widely supported, see partial list of supported terminals


go 1.16 or later:

go install -v github.com/theimpostor/[email protected]

go 1.15 or earlier:

GO111MODULE=on go get github.com/theimpostor/[email protected]

This will install the latest version of osc52 to $GOPATH/bin. To find out where $GOPATH is, run go env GOPATH


Usage: ./osc52 [file1 [...fileN]]
Copies file contents to system clipboard using the OSC52 escape sequence.
With no arguments, will read from stdin.


Credit and thanks to the the vim-ocsyank plugin


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