Vault Backup

⚠️ Check the oficial way to backup your HashiCorp Vault.

Create a backup file of all HashiCorp Vault kv2 secrets.

./vault-backup -help
        encode secret value as base64
  -filename string
        output filename (default "vault.backup")
        show this help output
  -output string
        output format. one of: json|yaml|kv (default "json")
  -paths string
        comma-separated base path. must end with /

Some environment variables must be defined before execution:

  • VAULT_TOKEN: is required, retrieve one by running vault login;
  • VAULT_ADDR: default value is


./vault-backup -base64 -filename my-vault.backup

2021/11/03 23:13:42 - reading production/app1/database
2021/11/03 23:13:42 - reading production/app1/cache
2021/11/03 23:13:43 - reading production/app2/database
2021/11/03 23:13:44 done! ;)

Backup file

  "secret/data/production/app1/database/user": "dmF1bHQtYmFja3VwCg==",
  "secret/data/production/app1/database/password": "czNjcjN0Cg==",
  "secret/data/production/app1/cache/token": "czNjcjN0X19Ub2tlbgo=",
  "secret/data/production/app2/database/user": "dmF1bHQtYmFja3VwCg==",
  "secret/data/production/app2/database/password": "czNjcjN0Cg=="


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