golang wire core package


Adding go-wire-core to a Go project is as easy as calling this command

go get -u github.com/Becklyn/go-wire-core


We provide packages for common use cases:

  • cqrs: Basic interfaces for apps that do cqrs
  • env: Environment variables processing
  • fiber: Webserver
  • graphql: GraphQL
  • grpc: Basis of a gRPC server
  • health: Health indication
  • logging: Logging
  • metrics: Automatic webserver metrics
  • readyness: Readyness indication

You can see detailed documentation in the README.md based at the root of the packages.


We recommend using the app.Runtime in your application. The app documentation gives an example of how to integrate the runtime and other packages into your app: Documentation

Integrated 3rd party libraries

The list of 3rd party libraries that we provide as packages by this package:


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